10 Rug Trends Spring 2022

10 Rug Trends Spring 2022

Interior design trends are not a fast moving hype. They have shaped our lifestyles for more than a millennium. Take the ancient Chinese art of feng shui, where spatial positioning goes along with energy flow; or wabi sabi, the Japanese practice of embracing imperfections, or Roman obsession with earth colors and geometric patterns.

Under the Covid19 pandemic every one of us became more aware of the direct influence our homes have on our moods, overall health and well-being.

What 2022, our third consecutive year of pandemic and global turmoil, bring in form of Norwegian Interior design rugs trends focused on making us emotionally safe and at ease?


1. Slow Down

The intensity of the changes outside drives a strong desire to create a space where you can relax and breath out. We are welcoming anything that feels warm, welcoming and cozy. We seek comfort, softness, and airiness. We want our home to give us a warm hug.









2. Positive Energy

Pay close attention to how a rug’s design can give you inspiring energy. Let your senses drive your living space, which can be an extension of your personality and identity. Choose a trending rug design that you love and one that can help boost your energy and relax you at the same time. If your style leans towards modern design or minimalist, coastal-style spring rugs are your best choice, airy and light with natural materials.







3. Inside Outside

With more time spent indoors than ever before, we are seeking to strengthen our connection to nature. This has inspired to resurgence of natural surfaces, such as stoneware, nature inspired motives, colors, and textures and more extensive use of plants. The raw, imperfect nature of organic materials adds depth, soul and visual intrigue while mimicking the calming, restorative ambiance of the outdoors.







4. Soft Shapes

Subconsciously we read a curved form as a safe and friendly, welcoming. Curved shapes also are more organic and are a perfect combination of culture and nature in our environments.











5. Tactile Textiles and Textures

We can play around with a variation of patterns and textures to add more sensuality and depth to our spaces. It is easy to experiment and redecorate with textiles and rugs.  Dare to combine luxurious mohairs and velvets along with more plain but elegant linens and graphical surfaces.








6. Sustainable Vintage

One of the rug trends in spring this year is sustainable vintage. Vintage-inspired rugs bring your interior touchable warmth, texture, and nostalgic sentimentality. Decorative rugs inspired by historical references are timeless and elegant. Many rugs are stylishly sustainable because rug designers prioritize using sustainable materials and producers, like Volver, engage in a more sustainable manufacturing.







7. Grandmillenial

The ”more is more” look is back in a new fashion. The combination of curated floral or damask rugs and contemporary shaped soft furnishings adds a touch of glamour with an unexpected twist. “Le Style Anglais”, English style, known for its comfort, quirkiness ad ease of living, continues its comeback.









8. Fresh World View

People are starting to travel again, and will experience that the world is an old new. Interiors will take on a nomadic adventurous flare and there is a desire for new impressions, like new art, new styles and freshness.









9. Mixing Design Styles

The desire to have unique things that are personal is leading to an increase of mixing materials, objects and styles. On one hand we see the natural, white and crams with dark natural wood and washed textiles; on the other – dark and mysterious, jovial multicolor schemes, avant-garde shapes and color blocking.








10. Bold Patterns

Already now we see a move away from neutrals and people using more vibrant colors and bold patterns. Strong colors, like citrus yellow, acid pink, RAF blue enter the scene.

Bright and joyful colors answer to our desire for more optimism and put a smile on your face.








You’re ready to design your interior with the above rug trends. The best spring rugs welcome connection to the outdoors, new optimism, hope, and joy inside your home. This spring, redecorating your living room or family room with rugs and textiles can make your interior more comfortable, joyful and welcoming.


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