Volver is a Norwegian design studio that offers curated collections of premium rugs for private and public spaces. Volver aims to enrich the notion of Scandinavian design with a vibrant diversity of artistic and individual expressions.


Meet the Founder

Originally from Tallinn, Estonia, born and raised in an artist home, Ksenia Stanishevski studied industrial design at the School of Architecture and Design in Oslo, Norway and The University of Newcastle, Australia.

By starting Volver in 2018, Ksenia’s design objective has been to bring individual artistry and creativity into our environments, be it home or work. “Inspiring expression” in each of her clients and in each project has been a fundamental element in her work. Pushing the limits between art, design and handcraft, Ksenia constantly experiments and dares to confront stereotypes of what rug is, what art is, what textile is and is working with scales from micro to macro, pushing the possibilities of available technology and traditional handcraft.

Ksenia is a Creative Head of Volver, a designer herself and collaborates closely with Norway’s and international artists, designers and architects. Each dialog and each process are an explorative and unique journey. Ksenia believes in an original and intuitive design point of view merging individual creativity, needs of the users and technological possibilities. Her approach is the intersection of challenges and breaking stereotypes, finding unexpected expressions between the new and familiar. 

Ksenia works with important Norwegian and international retail, architect and private clients such as Vitra, Snøhetta, The Royal House of Norway, The National Museum of Norway, Deichman Public Library, The Royal Norwegian Embassies, Aker Solutions and more.

Her designs and collaborative projects have received international acclaim, such as The Norwegian Award for Design Excellence, BoBedre Designer of the Year Nomination, Forum Design Award Nomination, Design Award Nomination at NTNU, Norway and are included in such publication as 1000 Designs 2, ELLE Collection, Trend Bible, “CAD and Rapid Prototyping for Product Design”.

Volver´s work is exhibited on fairs, such as Milano Design Week and Oslo Design Fair, exhibitions and museums, such as Kristiansand Kunsthall and  South Telemark Museums.

“For me design starts with a mindset, the exploration of a mind. It is a source of explorations, surprises, insights and has no boundaries. It is free to discover the unexpected themes and feed voracious curiosity for the boundless creativity. We are free to take on any subject at the studio, Anthropocene, urbanism, the theory of color, history, human condition, ecology… Each new theme is revealed to the audience in its full authenticity and hopefully provokes a thought, response and emotion.”

Our Designs

We recognize the growing wish to express personal and corporate individuality through interior decoration. We encourage and enable individualization through distinctive and bold designs, curatorship and customization services.

In our designs we fuse Scandinavian design, modern digital technology and traditional national textile crafts of Scandinavia and India. All our products are made only in natural materials: Wool, bamboo, silk, jute and organic cotton.  Volver works internationally with interior retailers, agents, architects and private clients


Our Designers

We collaborate with Norway´s most prominent and inspired creators. They are masters of art, interior and product design , sculpture, photography and fashion. We work closely with each one, giving their creativity an open space to unfurl and manifest into beautiful rugs.


Our Services

  • Customize

    We can adapt any of our rugs to suit your requirements for your interior. We can adjust color, shape and size of existing rugs.

  • Bespoke

    No limits to your imagination. Based on your project brief we develop rug designs to fit and enhance your vision. The result is a special one-off masterpiece, especially tailored to your place.

  • Limited Editions

    We collaborate with other brands and individuals to produce both collections and one-off pieces.

Our Custom Projects

We provide custom rugs and wall decorations for private residences, commercial and public spaces. We put emphasis on enchancing the architectural concept and bring forth the qualities of the interior.

All our designs can be adapted in size, color, pattern and shape. We also develop bespoke solutions exclusively for the individual project.


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