Gjensidige HQ Social Sones


Client: Gjensidige HQ
Interior architect: I-d. Interiørarkitektur & design AS

Color meets form in a new series of rugs for social sones for Gjensidige. Designed by I-D interior architects Silje Brænde and Linn Slettli and Ksenia Stanishevski, the founder of Volver, these rugs are identity carriers for the new Head Quarters of Gjensidige.

Inspired by the Mid-Century design, the team reimagined the references into modern bold shapes, blending playfulness with sophistication.

This 10-rug series, hand-tufted with 3D open and loop pile, is specifically designed for various social zones. Each rug, with its unique color combination, serves as a central statement in its respective space.

Bold rug colors bring energy and personality, offering a touch of luxurious comfort. Designers prioritize vibrant contrast and balanced visual impact, incorporating striking colors for emphasis. The rugs are combined both with recycled and new furnishings. This blend not only vitalizes interior aesthetics but communicates a commitment to sustainability.

Designing rugs was a joyous journey guided by creativity and trust. The team played with bold patterns, vibrant colors, and unconventional shapes, tailoring each detail to spaces. The result? Eye-catching rugs that bring joy to work environments.

Photography: Pernille Münster, Bow Oslo

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