Bring Nature At Your Feet With Finest Norwegian Rug Designs

Bring Nature At Your Feet With Finest Norwegian Rug Designs

Inspired by Mother Nature, Volver continuously expands its nature-based rugs collection. Ksenia Stanishevski, who is the Founder of Volver, has always been captivated by the relationship between Nature and a human. With the advanced digital age, people have become more cognizant of new and various forms of connecting with nature. 

Hence, the emergence of projects and products in interior design are clearly direct responses to the pressing environmental issues, inviting the natural elements into homes and workplaces.

Volver infinitely explores the beauty and influence of nature, studying fibers, textures, and colors to ensure the sustainability and biodegradability of all rug materials. Because Volver Studios can creatively design rugs to imitate textures and landscapes, which incorporate stone, ice, and plant elements, they work as functional art masterpieces.


As Ksenia says, “I am interested in naturalizing handcraft through imitation of natural textures, colors and carving. At Volver we already offer a range of designs and there is always an array of new designs on my desk, sand, glaciers, granite, water. ”

Norwegian nature inspires Volver’s rug designs. When it comes to mimicking Norwegian nature, there’s an endless source of design elements such as a wide array of colors, shapes, and textures. From the dark greens of the deep forest to the whites of the mountains covered with winter snow, every natural element can be incorporated into well-crafted rugs. The creative imagination of Norwegian rug designers transforms a blank or plain rug into a work of art. Each rug design is a masterpiece on its own. Hence, Norwegian rugs come in a broad range of styles, expressions, and stories.

Volver’s Nature Design Collection is a big celebration of nature’s beauty and diversity, bringing these two finest qualities into your living space. Take a look at the following Nature Rug designs by Volver Studios:




Tundra exhibits the Norwegian mountains’ rich texture. Imagine Tundra resembling the highest peak in the country and Northern Europe, Galdhøpiggen, at 2,469 meters or 8,100 feet above sea level. This hand-tufted nature-inspired rug design is made of New Zealand wool and bamboo.Transform your living room by adding this highly artistic rug design, capturing the power and beauty of the Norwegian mountains.









Svaberg resembles the Norwegian coast’s smooth granite formations as a result of the Ice Age. In this rug design, the various patterns and motives are represented by the rocks. Now you can make your living space feel cooler during summer by incorporating this cool rug design. This hand-tufted nature-inspired rug design is made of New Zealand wool and bamboo.










Eik is an oak wood-inspired rug. Oak wood has delicate fibers but this solid wood is incredibly durable, strong, and heavy. Adding the Eik rug into your living space can help make any room look livelier yet timeless. Because of its neutral color combination, it can go with any other home decor. This hand-tufted nature-inspired rug design is made of New Zealand wool and bamboo.









Ice crystals and fractions are the inspiration for this natural rug design. If you’re looking for something unique, modern-looking, and strikingly subtle, Ice is highly recommended. This rug design is compatible with any color and type of furniture pieces and appliances you have.

As your feet touch this rug, the feeling is like walking in an icy landscape with superior comfort and warmth. Such ironic tactile stimulation creates a perfect balance in the general ambiance of your living room. This hand-tufted ice-inspired rug design is made of New Zealand wool and bamboo.




Red Moss

The beauty of Red Moss is truly captivating. The rug designer drew inspiration from Norway’s high mountains in the Fall. One won’t fail to notice the beautiful abstract take on vegetation and landscape. Red Moss is carefully hand-tufted in New Zealand wool and Tencel, combining several shades of passionate reds. This hand-tufted rug design is the epitome of classic elegance inspired by nature. Walking on this rug is like winning Oscars or any other major awards.





Meet the Designer

Ksenia Stanishevski is Volver’s head designer and founder. She has a background in visual arts and industrial design. In 1998, she moved to Norway and finished her design studies at The School of Design and Architecture in Oslo. Ksenia redefines the role of rugs in the interior from a simple accessory to a focal decorative design element of every living space.








Bring nature at your feet with Volver’s finest nature-inspired rug collection. From rocky and cool icy designs to stunning oakwood, forest-themed, and abstract landscapes, you can choose from a wide array of Norwegian rugs for your living spaces and workspaces.

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