Volver delivers a red round rug in the heart of a historical building.

Øvre Vollgate 13 is a building from 1938 that has been transformed into a modern office building. The building was originally designed by Odd Nansen in a functionalist style. IARK is an interior architect, who worked closely with the architect Pushak to give the project a holistic expression both in terms of materiality, room solutions, use of color and furniture.

Volver contributes with a large round custom Red Moss rug in the center of a social zone under a sculptural spiral staircase.


The original openness of the building with continuous daylight has been maintained on all office floors. The building's original material palette is maintained throughout the interior and combined with new furnishings. Volver ́s Ruter Army Green matches perfectly to original brass construction, wooden panels and dark brown leather and upholstery.

The building's conservation value was assessed in consultation with the client, NIKU and the city antiquary. In the project, emphasis has been placed on conveying the history surrounding architect Odd Nansen, son of Fridtjof Nansen. In the development of ØV13, it has been important to preserve Nansen's spirit through his curiosity about materials, but also his humanitarian work. Nansen was a modern designer and future-oriented in his choice of materials.

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