Nordic Artistic Way of Living

Nordic Artistic Way of Living

“Everything you can imagine is real.”
Pablo Picasso

An artistic way of living is a mode of perceiving the world as a purely creative world, letting it in through inspiration and giving it forward through your own creation. It is an intensifying and perpetual force of co-creating a constantly expanding world.

Volver draws inspiration from almost everything and transforms it into tangible floor designs with distinct personalities. We put emphasis on artistic authenticity, meaning giving our artist collaborators and our clients an open creative playground to create and find designs that express their personality, uniqueness, and temperament.


Ksenia Stanishevski

The founder has extensive artistic experience. Born into a family of two artists, studying and working with art for many years, and being surrounded by a creative environment throughout her whole life, she had taken a deep dive into what an artistic way of living is for real. She also closes collaborators with a manifold of creatives in both visual and other fields and has observed their creative journeys at close hold.







So why does art touch us so deeply?

Everyone is capable of creativity and being sensitive to beauty and inspiration in our lives. An artistic way of living is about being open and sensitive to sensory stimuli, choosing to stay exposed and vulnerable to the outside world with all its colors. By staying open and seeking more experiences you let the inspiration strike and enrich your inner world. Each of us expresses ourselves constantly through our feelings, words, body language, choices, and actions. More visual people use media such as paints, photography, hand drawings, computer graphics, and sculpture to transform a feeling, mood, and thought into a piece of art and design.

Through our close collaboration with artistic people, we constantly experience their quest to express ourselves in a genuine way. Their great commitment to their individual path of work and their dedication to continuous growth and reaching for new heights in their mastery. This transcendent mindfulness in creative work combined with productive effectiveness resulting in tangible art pieces and products is paramount for Volver.




Meet the Makers Series

In the following articles in our Journal, we will take you behind the scenes of each of our artistic collaborations and reveal to you the magic behind the scenes.

Each process is just as unique. Andreas paints full-size acrylic paintings, Kaja sculptures a rug as a stone, Jørgen dissects wood under the microscope, Borgny embroiders stars and medleys the layers of monotypes, Dagny picks the colors with intuitive sharpness, Yorgo kaleidoscopes London graffiti into mystical patterns, Renate combines fashion with architectural geometry. Ksenia, being both a head designer and the Art Director, has a hand on every piece. Her own designs are as she puts it “ timelessly experimental”.



“It is always a dialogue, at times reflective, at times provocative, and at times pure intuition.” says Stanishevski. "They invite me into their creative universes, and it is my task to bring them out to a new audience, and give them an enhanced platform. We never compromise the artistic idea and balance our business on the edge between the commercial and cultural.”

There is no special template for a Volver rug. They are sometimes drawn by hand, other times, painted on a wall, sculptured, digitally manipulated, woven in the paper, or made as a collage. All the designs are transferred to CAD and it is StanishevskiI’s task as creative director to navigate the designers and find the optimal translation of their ideas into a final product. To follow, the studio has a close dialogue with the technicians and craftspeople at the workshops to find the best production method to match and enhance the original artistic idea.

Stay for us for the first appearance, Norwegian painter Andreas Siqueland, coming up next.


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