OsloDeco launches carpets in collaboration with Volver Studios

OsloDeco launches carpets in collaboration with Volver Studios

Two rugs in pure undyed wool with elevated patterns allow you to bring nature to your home.

Contact with Nature

Being in contact with nature, feeling it, touching it, sensing it brings us peace and harmony and inspires our creativity.
The store concept OsloDeco and Volver Studios have together developed a small carpet collection that will give you the same good feeling of nature in your own living room. The collection consists of two rugs: Sand Rug and Stamme Rug (Tree Trunkin Norwegian).

"We found inspiration in the beautiful details in nature, and transferred these o two carpet designsso you can get a sense of nature in your own living room."

Miriam Brenne Karlsen, AD in OsloDeco.

Textured surface

The rugs are flat woven in natural undyed wool in warm tones. The textured patterns are elevated in thick open pile and make the surface 3D, soft and tactile.

Co-creation: OsloDeco x Volver Studios

 OsloDeco a curated online store, run by Ida Leivestad Engström, Elisabeth Walter og Miriam Brenne Karlsen, approached Ksenia Stanishevski, the founder of Volver with an idea to develop special rugs for their portfolio. The idea was to develop new Nordic Scandinavian designs using classical weave, inspired by the Marakesh rugs.

In this collaboration, Ksenia ensured that thrushes been given just the right quality and expression, in line with OsloDeco's wishes and ideas.

Available at OsloDeco

The rugs are exclusively available at Oslodeco.no in sizes 170 x 240 cm and 200 x 300 cm.

OsloDeco is an online store and interior magazine in one, with the goal of making the interior design trade inspiring and more personal. OsloDeco carries well-known and not so well-known design brands. With guidance services, they tailor furniture packages for their customers throughout the country. The company is Norwegian, and is owned and operated by Ida Engström Leivestad, Miriam Brenne Karlsen and Elisabeth Walter.
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