Rug Paintings by Andreas Siqueland

Rug Paintings by Andreas Siqueland

Volver is presented by COVER Curates, a new online platform by Cover Magazine for world's leading handmade rug brands. Volver shares with our vision and two latest collections Yggdrasil and Fields & Forests.

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The rug business during the pandemic is undergoing a change. Amid fair cancellations and travel restrictions, Volver choses to engage with our clients and collaborators in new ways showcasing our collections.

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Showcasing Yggdrasil

“Creating Yggdrasil was a creative process that united art with craft and industrial design. Together Rainlight and Volver were looking to unite London street culture with ancient Norse mythology!”

- Yorgo Lykouria

The new hand-tufted Yggdrasil collection by Volver and Yorgo Lykouria of London-based Rainlight Studio is based on an ancient Norse legend of the same name. Yggdrasil is a tale of the World Tree, which has roots that reach down into the underworld where three mythical women, Urd, Verdande and Skuld, water the tree from the well of fate. The abstract designs of the four rugs in the collection— Yggdrasil, Urd, Verdane and Skuld —are inspired by London graffiti and Nordic folklore. The wild and intricate designs are expressed in deep, dark tones and expert carving.

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Showcasing Fields & Forests

For 2022, what could be more uplifting than the colourful and immersive Fields & Forests flatweave collection? Created by Volver in collaboration with Norwegian artist Andreas Siqueland, it featured in a show of his work at the Kristiansand Art Hall in Autumn 2021. The seven rugs a part of a larger art project called Living with It!, for which the artist uses his own home as a site to investigate changes in living conditions due to climate change. In his work, nature takes back what we as humans have taken over. 

Falling Forests and Lillies in the Lake celebrate the circle of life while Morning Mists depicts wildflowers in the morning light. Clouds is a dynamic composition of light and dark while Sun features intense warmth in a radiating design. The joy of winter is conveyed in the playful Winter Storm, while Leave & Grass references Walt Whitman’s poems ‘Leaves of Grass’, celebrating the bounty of life and nature.

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