Spring Is Here: Fresh Colorful Rug Designs

Spring Is Here: Fresh Colorful Rug Designs

Spring is the rebirth or renewal because everything is coming to life. It’s the season when flowers and trees blossom, and people revamp their home interior by incorporating floral designs, such as fresh, colorful rug designs in living rooms.

Check out the following fresh, colorful rug designs featured at Volver Studios in order to attain the perfect spring vibe inside your home:



1. Rosè

This rug design has a feminine and spring-inspired look. Because of its pastel color combination and soft shapes, you feel like relaxing under the cherry blossom tree in Japan as your feet touch the rug. The soft shapes consist of unique and beautiful color combinations, including dusty pink, champagne, cherry blossom, latte, jasmine, and old rose, contrasting with a touch of deep red and auburn.

Including this fresh, colorful rug design by Dagny Thurmann-Moe and Ksenia Stanishevski from Volver can make an impressive floor or wall statement in your living room. Don’t hesitate to use colors in your interior projects. Incorporating color is possible without being too overpowering. According to Ksenia, color is like flavor, and the right combination can make the ambiance feel richer and deeper.



2. Leaves & Grass

Leaves & Grass is a fresh, colorful rug design, perfect for spring. It was named after the poem written by Walt Whitman, Leaves of Grass. This rug design celebrates life’s abundance. It shows nature's admiration and its immense power.

Whether you have vintage or contemporary furniture pieces, this rug design is an excellent addition to your living space. It’s a beautifully designed spring-inspired-looking flat weave rug with a touch of garden greens, yellow, white, and blues, celebrating renewal.

Andreas Siqueland designed Leaves & Grass. He said that working with rugs is fascinating because it occurs at the intersection between object and surface. Rugs look like two-dimensional surfaces from a distance, a playful combination of lines, colors, and composition. As you get closer, rugs appear more three-dimensional, wherein one would notice the materials, height variations, and structures.



3. Lillies in the Lake

Lillies in the Lake is another design of Andreas Siqueland, depicting new sprouts after the storm and the forest debris. It’s a fresh, colorful rug design that celebrates new life. This rug design consists of several color shades based on a full-size artwork, keeping the dynamics and vibrancy of each brushstroke.

Inspired by the new hopes of spring, you can transform a dull flooring or wall space by incorporating Lilies in the Lake. This rug design will bring your sweet childhood memories while spending your vacation in the countryside where your grandparents lived. Check out Volver’s Field and Forest Collection for similar theme rug designs.



4. Eon

Eon is a hand-tufted rug made of New Zealand wool and bamboo, designed by Kristine Bjaadal, who has always been fascinated by various visual forms of expression. This rug design is suitable for the spring, inspired by watercolor paper drawings.

The motif of Eon has an abstract composition with a textured surface and 3D-sculptured elements. One won’t fail to notice this rug’s unique design, making it a great conversation starter to warmly welcome guests and visitors at home. Moreover, this rug is perfect for your home office or study room.

Do you want to find similar rug designs inspired by whitepaper drawings? Check out Volver’s Kanvas Collections.




Spring marks new beginnings. And so is your home interior. Make your home livelier and more beautiful, feeling and appreciating the fresh, colorful rugs above designed by Norwegian rug designers. Feel closer to nature, giving your interior a new breath of fresh air. Bring back the life in any of your rooms by integrating spring-inspired rugs from Volver.

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