The endless beat of the ocean against the shore is one of the most calming, meditative experiences, creating a dual state of presence and timeless serenity. Waves embrace the beach with a tender caress, drawing intricate patterns, each one unique. The shore meets the ocean with relaxed surrender, offering space for the water's graceful dance. This ever-changing fluid ocean, with its moods and currents, against the steady, tolerant shore, creates an infinite harmony.


Bring this dance beneath your feet with our Surf rug design. This piece features a blend of low pile and high-pile techniques, transposing the sea's edge into an abstract masterpiece for your floor. Warm muted tones soften the defined edges of each wave, enhancing the fluidity that shifts across the surface. High-pile features in bamboo silk imitate the shimmering foam, creating delicate gradients in pure wool.

The Surf rugs come in three shades: warm beige, light clay pink, and fresh muted blue, marking the cycle of a day at the beach—day, sunset, twilight. If you're looking to bring serenity and a relaxed ambiance to your home, this design might be just the right choice for you.


Surf is a new design in Nature Collection, celebrating the rich diversity of Nature elements, landscapes and phenomena. You can experience a wide range of designs, featuring both micro patterns, such as the anatomy of a tree in Pan collection to macro power of ancient mountains in Svaberg, Tunda and Black Ice, from soft flows of Red Moss to a weathered beauty of Wall.

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