Design: Ksenia Stanishevski

Surface explores the complexity of the ordinary. These seemingly simple neutral rugs have complex patterns.

Grid, squares, stripes, and optical shifts bring movement and rhythm to the neutral color palette of beiges and soft grays of natural undyed wool. The randomness of undyed wool shades gives the surface a more natural flow across the geometric structures.

Urban Grid

First edition consists of two designs, both inspired by the urban structures, Squares and City. Squares show the grid of the city plan, with smaller streets and bigger squares, locked in a geometric seamless pattern. City, inspired by Bauhaus, shows a front view of buildings lined up on a street, with different facades, windows, and heights. Both designs come in light beige and warm gray variants.

Scandi Look

Surface collections is minimalistic, yet cozy and never goes out of style. The rugs add beautiful layering of texturing and softness to spaces.

A sleek modern interior gives added warmth and comfort. The designs are natural yet emphasize clean lines, utility, and simplicity, in the best spirit of Scandinavian design.

Handloom Weaving

This collection utilizes handloom, a technique exported to rug making from the textile industry. The geometric designs are made in a single construction of loop and open pile.

The loom holds the warp (the vertical threads) in place and allows the interweaving of the weft (horizontal threads). A shuttle is moved across with a pedal to interlock each line.

Handloom rugs are crafted with a loop pile and is then cut to make a cut pile. Intermixing loop and cut pile give a unique color effect to the rugs, especially for undyed wool or bamboo silk, as the shine of the color is different along the length of the yarn as compared to the tip. These rugs are crafted in 2 months and can last for 10 -12 years.


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