Urban Vibe: Premium Norwegian Rug Designs Inspired by Modern Architecture

Urban Vibe: Premium Norwegian Rug Designs Inspired by Modern Architecture

The urban vibe interior design is characterized by modern architecture, geometric designs, unique color combinations, sleek finishes, and clear open space. This interior theme may come in a wide variety of styles from earthy (reminiscing nature) to eclectic (mixing multiple design styles). It usually includes contrasting colors, textures, and other design elements yet provide a comfortable, casual, and relaxing ambiance. And one of the home decors that completes this interior design is a premium quality urban vibe-inspired rug. Check out the Volver’s rug designs inspired by the modern architecture below:




Urban rug design explores the relaton between the city and nature. It depicts Oslo city reflected in the fjord.

Ksenia Stanishevski, the designer, studied the works and sketches og prominent Bauhaus designers and textiles artists Anni and Josef Albers.

Their approach was to find a fine balance between complexity and simplicity in geometric compositions.

Urban rug color palette draws references from Mid-Century Modern art and interior design and fits well both together with modern classics and minimalistic contemporary interior styles.




Front rug design depicts a building facade with multiple windows that reflect dayligh and city life.

This design is optical art by Yaacov Agam (an Israeli sculptor and experimental artist) and Ricard Anuszkiewicz (an American artist).

Front design combines color and geometrical grid to create a vibrant surface that looks different depending on the angle the rug is viewed from and appears to move.








Stråler (´rays´ in Norwegian) refers to Aurora lights, which have a special spot in the Nordic lifestyle. Based on Norse mythology, a legend narrates that female Nordic warriors possessed the shield of Valkyrie, which reflected Aurora lights. 

It is also believed that Aurora is a glowing arch that leads the dead warriors to Valhalla,  their final resting place.

Stråler design is inspired by Constructivism, with the brokn fractions of geometrical shapes. The color palette is derived from Mid-Century Modern movement.





Dahlia is an urban-vibe-inspired rug derived from a beautiful, delicate wildflower with the same name.

The rug is a resut of collaboration between a prominent Norwegian colour specialist Dagny Thurmann-Moe and the founder of Volver Ksenia Stanishevski.

Modern architecture and the 1930s functionalism influenced the conceptualization of this rug design as evidenced by its flowing geometric shapes. Dahlia has an abstract pattern with interlacing colors, including brick reds, dark maroons,  auburn, and plum purples. This modern-elegant rug design is also accentuated with pitch black and cadmium orange, setting an overall warm tone in your living space.




Wall is an urban rug design that conveys the withering of materials under time pressure. This highly textured rug has a shimmering surface in different shades, expertly hand-tufted in bamboo viscose and pure wool.











Cement is an urban-inspired rug masterpiece in itself. It’s a hand-tufted carpet that resembles the sun rays scattered on a concrete plate. Volver’s Cement carpet is an epitome of urban living, that one can perfectly match with any furniture piece or appliance finish. 









Meet The Designer

Ksenia Stanishevski is Volver’s head designer and founder. She has a background in visual arts and industrial design. In 1998, she moved to Norway and finished her design studies at The School of Design and Architecture in Oslo. Ksenia redefines the role of rugs in the interior from a simple accessory to a focal decorative design element of every living space.

Additionally, Volver's collection offers a unique and stylish way to bring personality, creativity, artistry into your home with Volver’s premium floor design. Our Premium Norwegian Rug designs are more than just a rug, it is an artistic way of living. We have exclusive custom and bespoke floor design rugs, a high end floor design that can make your interiors come alive with personality and style!

This Nordic floor design by contemporary artists will be sure to add some flair and personality into your space! A perfect addition to any home that wants an artistic touch.





The urban vibe interior is known for blending the elements of industrial, contemporary, and modern architectural designs. And creating urban vibe living spaces is made possible by incorporating Volver’s rug collection, such as Urban, Front, Wall, Stråler, Dahlia, and Cement.

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