Volver Draws Attention at ICFF 2022, NYC

Volver Draws Attention at ICFF 2022, NYC

We are just back from ICFF Design Fair in New York and are overwhelmed by the positive response from the interior designers, retailers, press and public. It is a great start at the US East Coast and great to experience Norwegian design on the rise!

Volver has been acclaimed by ICFF as “one of the latest studios to push the limits of art and design, while incorporating the best of Scandinavian elements - resulting in a curated collection of contemporary premium rugs.”

This May, Volver Studios exhibited our brand, a selection of rugs and samples at the common Norwegian stand “Inside Norway” together with other seven leading Norwegian manufacturers of furniture and interior accessories.



Meet the Makers Reception at The Royal Norwegian Consulate General in New York

The Consulate General provides consular services and promotes Norwegian business, art, and culture on the US East coast.  The Consulate hosted a warm and inspiring reception at the residency with an attendance of press, VIP guests and participants at the Inside Norway stand at the ICFF.



ICFF + WantedDesign Manhattan Talks

Ksenia Stanishevski participated in two panel talks about the values of Norwegian design, craftsmanship and sustainability. The talks program brings changemakers, visionaries, architects, designers, trendsetters, curators, and innovators to share and explore the topics of climate emergency, need for originality, search for inspiration and role of the design for a bigger good.


Meet the Makers

Meet the Makers talk brought together the talents behind iconic brands Dyfosit, Eikund, Fram Oslo, Hadeland Glassverk, Heymat, Figgjo, Lundhs, and Volver, as they talk best practices in exceptional design, sustainability, sourcing, and production. From artisanship and beauty to methodology and craft, Norwegian makers share their POV on stand-out design.



How Norwegian Brands Navigate Sustainability and Design

At How Norwegian Brands Navigate Sustainability and Design, the founders of three standout textile companies from Norway, Haymat, Fram Oslo and Volver, share how they integrate sustainability into their process—from concept to final creation.



Norwegian design at Nordic Innovation House

Nordic Innovation House gives Nordic companies a head start in the most relevant innovation hub – New York City.

Ksenia and the CEO of Eikund Jørgen Tengesdal participated in a panel, discussing the design for wellness, expanding the topic to the importance of the design on our lifestyle and work performance. We addressed sustainability, including its environmental, social, and economical impact on our companies and partnerships.




Volver is optimistic to expand into the US market with focus on premium contract projects and retail, offering the best of Norwegian quality combined with exquisite craftmanship and sustainable practice.


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