Volver x LK Hjelle Funky brand match at LK Hjelle´s new showroom

Volver x LK Hjelle Funky brand match at LK Hjelle´s new showroom

LK Hjelle´s new showroom in Oslo displays an array of furniture and accessories that range from mid-century Norwegian classics to modern innovative designs.

Volver adds a fresh touch with its artistic rugs to the settings. The result is an unexpected and fresh match between the two brands.

LK Hjelle's Signature Blend

The new showroom occupies several rooms and levels over 300 sqm. with high ceilings, classical plaster decor and minimalist interior on site of a former art gallery. LK Hjelle presents its collection of center pieces featuring
its signature blend of form, quality, and comfort.

You can enjoy elegant classics from mid 50's and get inspired by innovative contemporary designs in unexpected colors. Volver adds more edge with its colorful and bold handmade rugs. The showroom is a dynamic space and display areas change over time to offer constant inspiration to the visitors. It is also a venue for exhibitions, meetings, gatherings, events, and photo sessions.


“It is with great enthusiasm that we can finally show off our new showroom! We are very happy about this great room on the ground floor, where we get a completely different exposure and accessibility than before. I am very happy about our collaboration with Volver, our furniture and their rugs create exciting, fun and great exhibitions for inspiration for our customers.” - says Mari Holter Hovind, the showroom manager.

Ksenia Stanishevski, the founder of Volver, adds: “Such brand collaborations are very fruitful, bridging forth unexpected new creativity. We are just getting started to see what the space and our collaboration might produce."

The showroom is located at St. Olavs gate 3, Oslo on workdays and is open for everyone.

About LK Hjelle

LK Hjelle, a Norwegian family business, dating back to 1940 ́s creates beautiful,timeless Scandinavian pieces of furniture with form, quality and comfort, that will last for generations. The company both producers precious heritage designs and works closely with contemporary Norwegian and international designers on new innovative pieces.

About Volver

Volver is a Norwegiana Norwegian design studio and carpet producer that creates artistic contemporary designs with unique artist ́s signature and high quality. The Volver rug collection contains a diverse range of works by the best Norwegian and international artists, architects and designers.


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