Where To Buy Custom Rugs in Oslo?

Where To Buy Custom Rugs in Oslo?

Custom Rugs

Rugs and carpets have served as home decor essentials since the beginning of civilization. From crudely woven reed rugs to luxurious silk rugs in palaces, they  provided flooring, sitting and sleeping surfaces. Creating handmade rugs has been a part of many cultures, including Norwegian heritage.
Volver renews this world´s tradition and transforms rugs into artistic canvases. Today, you have an opportunity to choose between many designs and even create your own treasured object d´árt. 
Today you have an option to buy a custom rug  or order a bespoke rug for your home. Customization of a rug means adapting size and shape, and in some cases, colors of the existing design to match your wishes.
Bespoke means developing a special design for your home based on your style and taste. To obtain your custom or bespoke rug, you can either contact Volver directly or place your order at authorized retailers and interior architect offices. 

Benefits of a custom & bespoke rugs


Perfect Match for your Home

A customized or bespoke rug can be made specifically for your home or office. You can freely choose size, shape, colors, patterns and quality. The rug can be matched with your interior, furniture and lighting. Both customized and bespoke rugs are personally designed for you by our designers and each rug is personally curated by Volver Art Director Ksenia Stanishevski.




Enhance Your Style

A custom or bespoke rug can tell a lot about your personal style. Our homes are the extension of our identity. You can express your creativity and temperament through a rug design and add personal touch to your spaces.








Durable Quality

Volver only makes excellent quality rugs that can serve you for many years, and can even be a part of your heritage for your family. Your custom and bespoke rug will be individually crafted for you by a team of our skilled craftspeople. Each detail will be personally supervised by our workshop manager.

The materials of your rug are natural wool and bamboo viskose. We ensure quality in all details, including secure backing and trimmed edges.
We advise you to take good care of your precious rug by regular vacuum cleaning and professional rug cleaning every 18 months.



Where to get your custom or bespoke rug?

Volver Direct

Volver has a vast experience with creating custom and bespoke rugs both for private, public and commercial clients. We have a professional design competence to understand different styles and historical and cultural references. The needs, requirements and wishes of a client are a focus of each project. Each project is a close dialogue and co-creation and we aspire to inspire and exceed your expectations.


Our design process is efficient, creative and productive. You, as our client, will be provided with style boards, sketches, color and quality selections and a sample, if needed, prior ordering your full size rug.


Take contact with Volver directly to discover what we can do for you and your home or office.


Professional advice of an Interior Architect

Volver collaborates with interior architects and designers, both in Norway and world-wide. We have worked with interior consultants for many years and have in-depth understanding of their work and design processes.

Interior consultants are masters at combining several elements into one whole, making your space both beautiful and functional. They can advise you both on placement, size, shape, style and quality of the rug for different areas of your home. They can also show you how to combine rugs with the overall interior concept and furnishings. In this case, your interior consultant will take contact with Volver for development of your custom or bespoke rug, but the final approval will always be made by you.

Take contact with one of our partnering interior architects or contact your local professional. If you choose Volver as your rug provider, please recommend us to your interior advisor for the design process and a price quote.


Custom Rugs in Physical Stores

You can buy custom rugs in brick-and-mortar home furniture stores in several Norwegian cities and other countries. It’s a good idea to visit home stores to really buy the actual rugs yourself. You can request to check the store’s sample designs to give you an idea of the best rugs for your home or office. 

The following authorized retailers in Oslo and other Norwegian cities can provide you with customization services for your rug: 



1. A. Huseby, Oslo

A. Huseby is one of the best home furniture shops in Oslo, known for its contemporary and classic Scandinavian design. For 130 years, Huseby had the same goal: to offer their high-quality, timeless products and customers personal service. Their products range from rugs and textiles to home decor accessories, lighting, and furniture.

The shop has a full set of Volver rug samples, many of designs exhibited full-size in the store and neighboring Design Café 1889. The store personnel are highly qualified, have training in rugs, are service minded and have vast experience with interior consultancy.



2. Vitra, Oslo

Vitra is an iconic design brand, representing groundbreaking 20th century design. A family business for eighty years, Vitra believes in lasting relationships with customers, employees and designers, durable products, sustainable growth and the power of good design. Among its icons are works by legendary designers such as Charls and Ray Eames, Jasper Morrison, Jean Prouve, Arik Levy, Verner Panton to mention a few.

Vitra Brand Store Oslo is situated in the heart of Oslo, side to side to the Parliament building. The store has interior settings combining the Vitra icons and new Norwegian design, including Volver rugs in many sets.

Friendly and highly professional personnel can offer you both inspiration, guidance and service to make your choice of rugs and customization.



3. Møbelgalleriet Moss

Moss Møbelgalleri focuses on Scandinavian and Norwegian design, but has a New York feel to it, with dark green walls, high ceilings and an exquisite styling, combining furniture, rugs, accessories and art.


A family owned shop is known not only in the Moss town itself, but serves clients in the area and even Sweden. Along with a curated selection of furniture, they offer in-depth knowledge of design, production, interior styling and maintenance.



4. Almaeik, Kristiansand

Almaeik is a full-service design studio, combining interior design services and a curated showroom, representing a clear selection of brands, products and materials. Established by two interior architects with a refined sense of style, Almaeik now serves both private and commercial clients in the whole of Southern Norway.






It is easy to get your custom or bespoke rug and the benefits are great. Your dream rug is one click away. Contact either Volver directly, our authorized retailers or any professional interior architect. You will never regret it!

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