6 Surprising Benefits Of Carpets

Benefits of Carpets

Did you know that rugs were some of the few first items of furnishing, dating back to prehistoric times? Prehistoric shepherds began knotting wool into heavy woven pads that provided protection from the elements and later have developed into rugs. During centuries, rugs have developed from items of necessity to an art form.

Apart from a clearly evident decorative role, rugs have several
more valuable benefits with long term values

Rugs create ambience. They bring a strong element of aesthetics and a sensation of warmth. Rugs enhance the style and expression of the room and are an essential element of a room´s decoration. Their decorative function is expressed in a richness of colors, textures, patterns, shapes and sizes.

Rugs define spaces. They both unify the furnishings and bring more harmony and enhance focal points of the room, such as a sitting or dining area. 

Rugs create comfort. Woolen carpets provide efficient floor protection, natural heat insulation, cushioning and sound absorption. Rugs alleviate the physical strain gained from walking or standing on hard floors and provide a soft foot massage if you walk barefoot. With these functions, they contribute to create a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere that enhances well-being and productivity and reduces stress.

Rugs contribute to better air quality by trapping and retaining dust particles.

Responsible consumption. Handmade rugs made of natural materials are durable and can serve you in decades. They are recyclable and biodegradable. 

Heritage and economy. The purchase of a rug does not benefit you alone. By doing so you contribute to a long and proud tradition and further development of carpet making in the rural areas of India, the craft, which is now in a threatened position due to urbanization and digitalization. Carpet making is an occupation of a large number of people and is a substantial part of an Indian economy.