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Borgny Svalastog

Norwegian Multimedia Artist

Volver and the Norwegian multimedia artist Borgny Svalastog (b. 1945) have worked together for several years to transfer artist´s signature, temperament, and esthetics on woven rug medium. The result is a series of six expressive rugs, Attraction.

The designs translate Borny´s graphic works, monotypes, made on rice paper with several layers of transparent color. Her lines are expressive and personal. With swift lines she adds an array of elements on each layer. The motifs are often abstract, sometimes hinting at a subtle figuration. The elements are scattered over the paper in a way which might at first seem accidental, but which nonetheless is marked by a precise intent. They often seem to mean something – almost as if they were letters in an unknown alphabet or a forgotten form of musical notation.

This collaboration with Volver has lasted several years, and it has been a rewarding project of translation between two different mediums.

The Attraction rug collection consists of six hand woven rugs. A combination of mottled and clean colors creates depth to resemble the layering of the monotypes. Abstract motifs are scattered over the patterned surface of the rug.

Volver has put a special emphasis on expressing the artist's signature through the rug medium.