Dagny Thurmann - Moe

Color Specialist
Founder KOI Color Studio

"Many people are reluctant to use colours in their interior projects. We want to show that it is possible to integrate color, without it feeling overpowering. Color is like flavour. Adding it to the interior makes a difference, but it is the right combination of colors that make the atmosphere feel deeper and richer." - says Ksenia about the collaboration with Dagny.

Dagny is an internationally known colour designer. She primarily works with colour planning for urban environments and architecture but is also known for her interiors and commercial spaces, which have circulated in magazines across the globe. She works multidisciplinary and develops color schemes for a large variety of objects – ranging from 18 - story buildings to tea cups.
She the founder and a creative director of Norway’s only color studio, KOI Color Studio.

KOI Color Studio is Norway’s first multi-disciplinary color studio, and their goal is to contribute with the targeted and effective use of colour within urban spaces, architecture, interior architecture, product development and graphic design. The specialists offer advice, courses, development and strategic guidance.