Same brand style – area specific rug qualities

Design: Ksenia Stanishevski, Volver & I_D Interior & Design
Interior: I_D Interior & Design
Client: Gjensidige

In 2023 Volver expanded its range of qualities with HD printed qualities, suitable especially for contract projects. This allows our interior clients to outsource the full design of all rugs and wall-to-wall carpets to our studio and get all suitable qualities from one and the same supplier, Volver.

One of the first projects, that combines both handtufted and HD printed rugs, with the same brand design, is HQ Gjensidige. HQ office specific sones, such as board room, social sones, lounges and canteen were revitalized by I_D Interior & Design. Carpets play a central role in these places, giving them fresh identity, color and comfort.

Volver has previously delivered hand tufted rugs to social sones at HQ Gjensidige, which are now complemented with HD printed rugs for canteen and lounge areas, with high requirements for traffic and cleaning.

HD Printed Options at Volver Contract

HD printed flooring options feature high-definition, digital printing technology that applies designs and colors directly on a variety of carpet quality bases. Bases have different surfaces, such as essential, soft and loop. This advanced printing method allows for detailed patterns and a wide spectrum of colors, resulting in highly intricate images and graphics. HD printed carpets are popular in commercial settings, such as hotels, retail spaces, and public buildings because they are visually versatile, functional, and durable.