Rug Design: Ksenia Stanishevski, Volver
Interior Architect: IARK
Client: Hjort
Interior photography: Niklas Hart

Nature inspired rugs, Tundra and Ice, bring organic softness to the offices at Hjort law firm HQ in Oslo. Founded in 1893, the company has a high profile and historical heritage.

Interior architects at IARK have integrated two designs, inspired by Norwegian nature into the areas, where formal and informal collective decisions are made.


Lounge at Hjort gives the first brand impression to employees, partners ad clients. It is also a place for well-being and cultivation of business relationships. A large Tundra rug encompasses the whole lounge area, marking a great get-together area.

Meeting Room

Ice flakes flow of the Ice rug under a solid large table of the main meeting room. The rug is not only a décor, but softens the ambience and acoustics of the room, making the long meetings and hard discussions more comfortable.

Custom and Unique

We specialize in customizing designs as well as crafting unique creations aligned with client-specific aesthetic and functional preferences. Each rug is uniquely commissioned, guaranteeing a personalized product.

With production facilities in India, China, and Belgium, Volver offers an range of qualities, from luxury hand-tufted rugs to superior quality Axminster, HD print, and carpet tiles. This allows Volver to be a one-stop shop for private and professional clients for an array of carpeting needs. We are committed to environmental sustainability and hold several certificates.

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