Holzweiler Multibrand Store, Fornebuinterior

Interior design by Snøhetta

Together with a renown architectural office Snøhetta and Norwegian fashion brand Holzweiler, Volver had developed three bespoke rugs for the Holzweiler Multibrand store.

The rugs have organic shapes and define different zones in the store.

The special feature of the designs are the elements tufted in recycled silk scarfs, the by-product of the fashion production.

Focus On Sustainability

All the three brands, HolzweilerSnøhetta and Volver, have focus on sustainability. The objective of this project was to recycle the clothes in a stylish way. Silk scarfs, the signature of the Holzweiler brand, were chosen as a raw material. 

The silk scarfs, which were unqualified for sales, were processed and dyed. A special technique was developed to tuft with the shredded silk. The effect is a multicolor soft surface, still showing the original brand prints. 

This project inspires a further investigation into use of different recycled fashion textiles in new ways, both in rugs, acoustic panels and room dividers. Volver is dedicated to innovation in rug design.