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 Jørgen Tycho

Jørgen Tycho is the founder and creative director of the Oslo-based architecture studio Oslotre. Oslotre works with all aspects of wooden architecture and is one of the pioneers of modern wooden structures in Norway. Jørgen works with the objective of connecting architecture and the urban closer to the biological and cyclical in nature. The work with Pan has been a process from forest to modern production. Carefully planned processes in which the topic is distilled and dissected. Quite alike how he works when drawing wooden buildings.

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Soul of a Tree

In their work with Pan collection, Jorgen Tycho, a wood architect, and a founder of Oslotre, and the founder of Volver Ksenia Stanishevski, searched to capture the soul of a tree.

The three patterns of Pan are extracted from a linden tree log from a Lime Linden Forest on Brønnøya in the Oslo fjord. The designers made precise cuts through the log at different angles: radially, tangentially and travers. These sections show us the history of the tree through many years. Patterns from these sections are translated into rug patterns.

The name of the collection is Pan. In Ancient Greek mythology, Pan is the god of forest and desire. We are all nature; emotionally, physically and spiritually. Pan means “everything”, and tells us about the importance of nature for our well-being.

Bringing Nature designs into a rug form

The pieces of wood were scaled up in a microscope by 15μm or 15 microns (equivalent to a magnification to 0.0015 cm), and then recreated these patterns into carpet patterns using computer technology.

All three designs come in three colors: green, gray and terracotta. The colors are also taken from the bark of a linden tree and convey the cyclical growth of the tree.

The 3 carpet designs have got their names from 3 ancient forest deities, the tree plant healers and Devis; Eira (radial plane), Aja (tangential plane) and Uma (cross section plane).

The Pan carpet collection is an attempt to translate and bring nature into the home, to connect us humans more closely with life-giving nature.

Pan are hand tufted and 3D carved of pure New Zealand wool and bamboo viscose. The mastery and indefatigable desire to always push the limits of design and craft resulted in this delicate rug collection, that tells the tree's history and at the same time creates a new story through its detailed and colorful multidimensional universe.