Nordic Nature Rugs for Innovation Norway HQ

Volver delivers nature inspired rugs for the new HQ offices for Innovation Norway, designed by IARK.

Customized Tundra, Svaberg and Ice, all inspired by the Norwegian landscapes, are chosen by the interior architects to define the social zones on several floors of the HQ. In the project for Innovation Norway the client was closely involved in decision-making. In such representative environments as the Head Quarter offices, the rugs also stand for an indirect form of branding. Making and using something unique that is hand crafted gives you a greater sense of specialness and communicates your values.

The choice of a right rug for the project is important. It takes a lag amount of a visual space. Interior architects used rugs to designate social sones within an open space. The rugs are large and give a grand and luxurious feeling when all the furniture sits squarely on the carpets.Both the architects and the users appreciate the tactility and acoustic qualities. This brings another dimensions to the space. It sets you at ease, it gets you to relax.

After 5 years of working with interior architects I experience that they are more appreciative of the creative expression that the custom rugs allow and the impact they can have on the unique look and feel of the projects

– says Ksenia Stanishevski, the founder of Volver.