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Renate Alexandersen

Interior Architect / Founder Alex Ark

"I draw the inspiration from both textiles, architecture and furniture. The main source of inspiration is always people, their relationships, interactions and life styles."

"For me, design is about conceptualizing how rooms and things are experienced and used by people. I use form, aesthetics and materiality to convey activity, mood and tactility with the intention of making people want to use rooms and furniture again and again, and in different ways. Flexibility is a key word when designing rooms and furniture.

Much of what I do is based on intuition and I think it is important to spend enough time to get a feel for the client, to find the meaning in the project. There are often no more than a couple of nice meetings where the talk comes in on everyday things, interests and humor. In addition, I do a survey to get a good insight into how the everyday life of the customers works and what kind of lifestyle they dream of. This part of the process is very important to me and is the biggest reason I started Alex Ark - I want to shape how I work."