Size & Placement Guide

The right rug size is essential to creating a room that looks well thought through and elegantly decorated. Our guide to rug sizing and placement will help you to determine the right rug for your space.

Living Room & Lounge

The size of rugs are usually chosen with the equivalent size of your seating area as a reference.

We recommend larger rugs. It will visually expand your room. 
If you are working with a furniture that is placed freely in the room, orient the rug with the shape of the room to create a visual flow and make the room appear bigger.  

  • Create a unified look by placing a rug large enough to accommodate all your seating area. Allow some space between your sofa and chairs. This arrangement will make your seating area a focal point of the living room or a lounge.

  • If your seating configuration doesn’t allow for all your furniture to be placed on the rug, tuck it just under the front legs of your sofa and chairs to keep your seating area unified.

  • Front Legs Off

    While not usually recommended, if you’re working with a smaller room and look for a budget-friendly solution, consider a small rug that floats in the center of your seating arrangement. So long as it is properly centered among your furniture, a smaller area rug will look intentional and well-styled.

  • Round

    For an unconventional option, choose a large round rug to distinguish your sitting area. Opt for a size that is large enough to accommodate all of your furniture with a few inches to spare, or at least large enough to accommodate the front legs of each piece.

Dining and Meeting Table

Rugs are an easy, warm way to warm up your dining or meeting room. Rugs also protect your flooring and soften acoustics. For rugs under the tables and chairs, we recommend to extend the size at least 60 cm / 24 inches beyond the chairs to accommodate moving in and from the table.

When in doubt, go for the larger size. To determine the shape of the rug, consider the shape of your table and the dynamics of the room. You may consider a round shape to diversify the arrangement of the furnishing.

  • Rectangular Table

    Rectangular dining tables look best over rectangular rugs. Consider sizing up to get the most coverage possible under your dining chairs.

  • Square Table

    Square tables are commonly paired with rectangualr or square rugs to reinforce the overall silhuette of the table and room.

  • Round Table

    Round tables can be complemented by both square and round area rugs. A round rug works with the shape of your table to create a cohesive visual statement.

  • Round Table / Square Rug

    A square rug under a round table will create a more bold unexpected look and emphasize the shape of the room.

Bedroom And Hotel Suite

Rugs in your bedroom can add a style and atmosphere. They provide cushion underfoot and soften acoustics. The size of your room and your budget should primarily influence the size you choose.

  • Best for Standard Room

    Consider a rug size large enough to fit your bed and both nightstands. A 200x300 cm (8´x10´) rug is a perfect size to accommodate a queen-size bed and end tables in a medium size bedroom.

  • Best for a Large Room

    If you have a large master bedroom, consider to show your rug more by placing it more in the open of the room. An 250x300cm (8´x10´) rug or larger might be a perfect solution.

  • Best for a Small Room

    If you have a smaller bedroom but want to add more comfort, a 270x180 cm (9`x6`) rug under your bed just up to the nightstands can provide decor and cushioning where it matters most.

  • Best on a Budget

    A budget-friendly way to achieve a comfort is to place a runner rug on each side of the bed. Two rugs 90x180 cm (3´x6`) is a good solution at a lower price.


Hallway rugs create a welcoming ambiance and an introduction to your interior style. Hallway rugs offers protection to your flooring and soften acoustics.

  • Runner Rug

    Runner rugs in hallways keep your style throughout your building. They give a visual guide and protect your flooring.

  • Area Rug

    Area rugs, both rectangular or round, are great where foot traffic is high.