The New National Museum, Oslo

Social zones for offices in collaboration with Kaels and CADI Interior Architects

The designs for the five rugs for the social zones at the offices of the new National Museum in Oslo are based on references from five periods in the Norwegian design and art history.

The zones add color, playfulness and inspiration to the office quarters.

The rugs are designed in collaboration with Karl-Marius Sveen from Kaels, CADI Interior Architectsand senior curator at the National Museum Denise Hagströmer.


Pop speaks for itself and represents the pop culture of the 60´s. The main element of this social zone is a circle, that spins in an eternal disco dance. The rug design is inspired by the opt-art of that period.


Neo celebrates an upswing in Norwegian design and architecture in the early 2000s, when several young designers such as Norway Says and architects such as Snøhetta, contributed to define a new Scandinavian style. The NEO rug is apparently simple without patterns. With its floating shape from wall to floor and the minimalist details such as curved edges, the rug serves as a holistic frame for this zone.

Nå (Now - Norwegian)

What is Now? What idea and aesthetical expression can express our contemporary time? 

The Nå rug depicts systems, urban, digital, informational. All lines are interwoven and connected. The rug is placed inside a delicate structure by VeraKyte. The whole zone becomes an intimate and yet transparent space.


Ergopunk shocks with its acid colors, weird forms and industrial props. Clearly representing a rebellious attitude of the Punk movement. The rug shows splashes of graffiti paint on a wet asphalt.