Our bestseller design Ruter arrives now in warm soft beige, terracotta and mahogany.

We are happy to finally present to you a Terra version of our popular design Ruter.
Since its launch in 2019, Ruter collection has been on top of our sales charts.
That is no surprise, as this design, a fruit of creative collaboration with the interior architect Renate Alexandersen, the founder of her own studio Alex Ark, has a modern yet timeless elegance.

Ruter Terra
Say it in stripes! Lines of mahogany, dark sienna, fresh light yellow and soft honey are interwoven on a calm burned ochre background.
Renate gives a lot of attention to working with color combinations in her minimalistic and functional interiors. This precision is essential for the success of Ruter rugs.

Ruter Collection
Some of the most interesting ideas come from a rich appreciation and knowledge of the past, and a curiosity and an active search for the new and modern. Ruter design is inspired by the traditional tweed and engages this heritage in a new elegant and fresh design. 
As of today, the collection now presents 6 color combinations, from marine blue, army green, mint chocolate, the most popular almond coral and newly added terracotta.

We are sure you will find your favorite Ruter rug and keep this design boosting the charts!

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