Season's Greetings and Wishes of Light for 2024!

During this season when we all focus on love, giving and togetherness, I extend my heartfelt thanks for your choosing our designs, trust in our services and encouragement to continue our growth.

May your holidays be filled with laughter, cherished moments, and the warmth of family and friends! I believe that we, personally and collectively, appreciate the values of peace, security, trust, and prosperity. That our desire for a better world, our choices and actions will bring us all into a better 2024!


Launch of a two-rug exclusive collection with Oslo Deco

In March 2023, Oslo Deco and Volver launch a limited exclusive two piece collection of hand woven rugs in undyed wool, Sand and Stamme.

Launch Pan Collection

In April 2023, after two years of development, the Pan collection in collaboration with the pioneer of wooden architecture and the founder of Oslo Tre Jørgen Tycho, is out. The series of three designs in three color variations each depicts the microstructures of wood.

Volver Exhibits at Designers Saturday at Vitra Brand Store, Oslo

Volver exhibits several designs of handmade rugs and launches Volver Contact at design festival in Oslo, Designers Saturday and receives an overwhelmingly positive response from both old and new clients.

Launch Volver Contract

The biggest event of the year, is the launch of a new design line Volver Contract, for digital print wall-to-wall and area rugs. Volver now can supply carpet solutions for all areas and uses and enters a new category of contract projects.

Launch Surface Collection

Surface collection, the first handloom collection, is launched in October. It is a subtle textured collection of two designs, City and Checkerboard, made in undyed natural wool.

Carpet Diem, Paris

In November, Volver exhibits at the exclusive rug exhibition Carpet Diem with the top 20 rug brands in Paris. Volver shows three rug art pieces, Ocean, Black Ice and Coal, rising the awareness about the climate change.

High Profile Custom Projects

We continue to increase our portfolio of custom projects both for private, public and commercial clients. Among the highlights of this year are custom rugs for Gjensidige with I-D Interior architects, Ambassade Hotel with Paulsen&Nilsen, Innovation Norway HQ and Øvre Vollgsgate 13 with IARK.

I am looking forward to our valuable collaboration, good vibes, and growth next year!

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